When I was in school I had a variety of pets. It all started with two parakeets.. they were the most noisy pets ever. Then I had a hamster.. then came a couple of mice and a rat. And a dog as well. They were all very cute in their own right. Mainly so because I CHOSE them as pets. They didn’t just come walking in on their own!

Now I have a mouse again.. only not by choice. It rips my garbage bags and leaves droppings all over the kitchen. It comes into the room and makes noises on the shelf. Initially I thought it was a rat; a shadow ran around the kitchen, seen from the corner of my eye. And it looked like quite a big shadow. Maybe I was just paranoid. So when I went to the shops, looking for a cage style trap.. which lures the rat in and shuts behind it (without crushing its neck or skull or whatever in the process). My noble goal was to release it outside after catching it. Well no such luck! None of the shops sold live traps big enough to catch rats! So dejected I came back, with a regular trap. I was too paranoid to use poison, expecting the thing to die somewhere unaccessable.

After seeing it a little closer up the next week, I realized it was a mouse after all and right away bought a live mouse trap. Great idea isn’t it. Only I forgot to unset the rat trap…….. The same night it snapped shut.

Murphy’s law killed the little mouse.

Horrified but relieved that at least that was over, the traps were put away and life returned to normal. Only why would I be so naive to expect that we had only one mouse living in our flat… The war continues.



  1. odzer Said:

    Poor little mousy. RIP. The only pests I had to deal with were ants and it was a war that I never expected to win but suddenly this year they are gone!

  2. hedonist666 Said:

    Lucky you! I remember my own ant problem in CHD. They were mostly around my bed… In the end I just gave up. Interesting how you can get used to things. I didn’t even care much anymore if they bit me.

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