The flat.. room rather.

When I saw the advert, stuck to a shop window for my flat, it read “Studio Apartment, separate kitchen & bathroom. Suitable for single person. £575 all bills included. ”

Then I called up the number, the landlady kindly explained “Oh, you and your husband are looking for a flat? But this flat is really quite small, I think it would be too small for a couple.” But I went to see it anyway. And yes it was small, but we really did not have much money to spend so we took it. And in a way it’s not too bad. Other places that were advertised either did not suit us due to location, or had just literally one room. With a bed, and the kitchenette placed conveniently next to it so you could sit on the bed while cutting your vegetables for dinner. Or while doing the dishes. Not a tempting thought!

So our kitchen is separate. But there is no door, just a little narrow corridor. And our bed is basically a mattress on the floor. We were provided with a sofa cum bed which is like UK double bed size. Now if you have ever seen a standard double bed in the UK, you would probably know that it is nearly impossible for two people older than 8 to be comfortable on one of those. It just simply would not allow for any sort of movement. And in case of a sofa cum bed, with a very flexible base, upon trying, my husband and I ended up rolling into the middle of the bed, one person crushing whoever rolled first. So we put the mattress on the floor and now we have some space to stretch at least.

And that would be the only place two people can sort of stretch out, in the entire flat. Room. Whatever.

Whenever I go out shopping, I have to constrain myself not to buy too many things. Maybe some people watch me changing my mind about some clothing. Or perhaps crockery. Maybe they think “Oh she probably does not have the cash to buy it right now.” It’s not that, I just wouldn’t know where to keep it! The kitchen cabinets are so full, the doors won’t even close. And my fridge. Dear lord. I have to buy food almost every day to have enough to eat. It’s one of those tiny things that fit underneath the worktop… I don’t know why people invented fridges of this size! I would consider it too small for a single person. Nevermind a couple. But the saving grace is we live next to a huge ASDA..



  1. odzer Said:

    When space is at a premium one of the constant challenges is what to do if you have a fight with your partner! There are no doors to slam, no corner to pout etc but at the same time I have noticed more space makes nastier fights sometimes. I guess sometimes a bit of privacy is nice.

  2. hedonist666 Said:

    Been there done that. You have an imaginary divide along the middle of the bed and grumpily sit next to each other. Then at night you decide sleeping is much more comfortable when you’re not pissed at the other and you just let it go… 😉

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