The perfect Vagina

Ever since it came on TV a couple of days ago, I’ve been wanting to see this show “The perfect Vagina”; simply because I was puzzled what that exactly is. Thank god for online free catch up on TV shows! So today I had a bit of time on my hands and watched the show in a tiny little pop-up window .. at work… with my hand always on the mouse, ready to switch over to a more acceptable screen if anyone should take notice of what I was doing.

So the show is a documentary about women who are so very insecure and unhappy with their vaginas that they want to alter them through plastic surgery. The most common complaint is that their inner labias are too big and floppy. The solution is easy, in just a couple of painful minutes the plastic surgeon chops them off with a knife and stitches up the remainder. Piece of cake, right? Then over a period of up to THREE MONTHS, you can barely walk and sit properly, never mind have sex, so your vagina can heal.

Tempting thought isn’t it. And then your pussy will be perfect and you will feel like a complete, beautiful and blissfully happy person! Right? Wrong! Maybe your boobs are sagging down a little more than just a couple of years ago. Maybe your bum is too big. If you are insecure enough to get your privates chopped up, live through the bleeding, swelling, hurting and god knows what else while they heal, you will NOT be satisfied with yourself afterwards. The problem lies deeper than that, I’m convinced.

I find it fascinating to see how humanity is still surviving, while people are so deeply disturbed by the most trivial things. Why don’t we all just give up, let our heads hang down and just waste away forever. Luxury will be our downfall; because when you have nothing, you keep fighting for survival. And when you have everything, you will inevitably find some imperfection to be upset with. People are just unable to be happy aren’t they?


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  1. odzer Said:

    It seems like a funny TV show. There is no doubt in my mind that the more idle time you have the more chances of a person getting depressed and anxious about their looks and their position in life etc. Modern life has us pay this price for all the conveniences that we enjoy.

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