Wanted: 1 bedroom flat in Middlesex

In case you didn’t know, at the moment my husband and I live in a tiny studio flat. We had a long weekend just now, due to Monday being off; Summer Bank Holiday. This holiday seems to be just an excuse the British thought up in order to drive the working class to the shops and spend money. But that’s an entirely different topic…

So, this Bank Holiday Weekend, I decided to pass on horrible, store bought naan to go with the Indian dishes I generally cook. So I made some Atta and wanted to make Paranthas. If it wasn’t enough that I was preparing Dry Rajma at the same time, and had tons of various spices strewn all over the place, putting wheat flour and water together in a bowl in order to create the atta was just a little too much to ask. With my arms up to my elbows in sticky dough and my hair falling in my face, I was getting increasingly frustrated and claustrophobic. When the atta was done, and the Pressure cooker happily hissing and whistling away, I decided to make a little space for rolling my Paranthas. I should’ve known better.

Things got knocked over, Paranthas stuck to the work surface. Mayhem and chaos in my kitchen…

It is time I think, to find a place just a bit bigger. One separate bedroom, a slightly bigger kitchen, perhaps even a big wardrobe that will actually fit our clothes? It seems like a distant dream…

Wanted: 1 Bedroom flat in Middlesex. Budget: as cheap as humanely possible 😉


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