– Quantity vs. Quality (Hosting Review)

Ashamed to admit it, but unfortunately it’s true; I’m cheap when it comes to Hosting. Fine, so you put a couple of servers in a secure room, protect them from hackers / power cuts / internet downtime, which is quite an achievement. But I do not want to pay an arm and a leg for it!

So researching hosting providers for my latest business venture,, brought me to my current choice for webhosting and domain names;

They have a great introductory offer for UK residents/businesses: First year basic hosting completely free. You only pay a setup fee of £9 before VAT. After that the charges are quite reasonable; £0.90 per month for the hosting, and for a domain, depending on the TLD; around £8-9 p.a.

Now this sounds quite al right as it is. Maybe a bit limiting because I used the term “basic hosting”. When I signed up I got 1gb of web space and all the database/scripting support I needed. There are some added feature in the control panel such as a blog which you can install within a few clicks and a sitebuilder which I haven’t used yet. Yet after just two weeks they upgraded the basic hosting package to 3gb of space, no extra charge.

I don’t want to sound overly positive about this hosting provider though; there are some bad bits; the control panel has some statistics functionality but I find it a little bit basic for my needs. You definitely need to install something more complex to fully track traffic on your site! Also, you can make numerous email accounts for each domain, but the mail server is quite slow! I have found delays of around 5 or 10 minutes, sometimes more, before email would reach my inbox. Also, the control panel is not  fully compatible with Firefox (my browser of choice); only Internet Explorer is supported for features like the Filemanager. Also, when you sign up for the hosting, rather than an instant detailed email; you will only receive your hosting details up to 48 hours later when the account has been activated.

But on the other hand, rather than having to open support tickets, or email Tech support, if I’m facing a problem, I simply open the Live Support chat and usually within 30 seconds, somebody will be there to help me. This is by far my favourite feature of hosting!

Overall I would say, I am satisfied with this host, it is very good value for money, and they seem to have extremely helpful support staff on their Live Chat. I will definitely be a repeat customer!



  1. Tom Jones Said:

    nice insight to this host. I have never used them but will have to read up on them based to your thoughts, Thanks

  2. hedonist666 Said:

    Thanks for your comment!
    I had actually read some bad reviews about them before buying their hosting, but then every single company on earth has some dissatisfied customers as well as satisfied ones. And I figured, for that price, what’s the harm in trying…

  3. odzer Said:

    Well I have never actually had to buy hosting but my experience is limited to buying domain names. I have noticed that price/quality issues are rarely if ever a problem in this business unless or until the provider is so bad that they do not even bother running their “small business” any more. I am glad you have found good hosting for your web shop. Good luck stuffing in thousands of products though!

  4. hedonist666 Said:

    You would be surprised when starting to buy hosting then! There are most definitely issues with some hosts, especially if they offer cheap hosting. Downtime can create problems, as well as server issues and bad customer support. Some hosts only offer support via email or support tickets and could take up to a day or two to even look at your problem. Also, some cheap hosts will only offer limited database support. The bottom line is you have to know about the technical side of things; what functionality you need exactly. Hosting is not just an off the shelf product; it is very easy for less experienced people to fall for expensive and at times unfair deals.

  5. Alex Said:

    Thank you for your review. I found when searching space for a stand-alone blog based on WordPress. Their site is quite laconic and they don’t even give information if scripts (basic requirements) for WordPress are supplied with. As far as you use it, may you say if it is the case? Thanks in advance

  6. hedonist666 Said:

    Hi Alex,
    Well they seem to support quite a lot of stuff.. my hosting has wordpress installed on it as well;
    and if you’re unsure, you could try their live support feature on the website. Usually whenever I tried, they responded within a minute.

  7. Alex Said:

    Thank you for your explanation, hedonist666, i’ll try.

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