North Indian Food Pt. II

It’s about time for my second post about easy North Indian food! And this time another one of my favourite after work quick fix foods: Kala Channa. (Black Chickpeas)

I realize what I’m making is not authentic, and people will hate me for it, but seriously; after spending all day at work; rather than soaking and boiling dried chickpeas, I opt for canned ones..

First a little background information: Indian Food relies heavily on lentils, beans and other legumes. Because they are usually dried (canned foods are not very widespread in India), it is very easy for people to keep them in their pantry, ready to be used no matter which season. A traditional North Indian meal consists of either a Chicken/Mutton dish, a Vegetable dish and a type of Dal (lentil). These dishes are then eaten with Rice or Chapatis (flat unlevened breads) and often some yogurt and pickle.

Kala Chana – Tangy Black Chickpeas


2-3 Red Onions – finely sliced

1-2 Green Chillis – finely chopped or slit, whichever you prefer

2 cans Black Chickpeas – drained

Red Chilli Powder (optional)

1 tsp Turmeric Powder

1 tsp Cumin Powder

1 tsp Coriander Powder

Lemon/Lime Juice to taste

Salt to taste

Vegetable Oil


Heat the vegetable oil in a wok. In case of slit whole green chillis, add them first (If they’re finely chopped, then add them with the onions). Fry for around 30 seconds until they get blisters. Add the onions, fry until brown. (To shorten frying time, add some salt once the onions are translucent). Season with salt, turmeric, red chilli, cumin and coriander powder. Add the drained chickpeas, toss and fry until ingredients are mixed well. Season with Lime juice, Salt. This dish is not supposed to be mild in flavour at all, so you can be as generous with the spices as you like. If you have any; garnish with some fresh coriander leaves and a lemon wedge for those who like it even more sour!

Serve with any type of Indian Bread, but traditionally this dish is eaten with Pooris (Deep fried chapatis basically). 

I regularly make these black chickpeas, so a photo will soon follow, I promise!


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  1. odzer Said:

    Hmmm not one of my favourite things to eat. I have noticed though that Hindu people eat a lot of this stuff. I prefer the white one’s. Although I am happy to skip daal entirely. Its not a problem using canned beans I guess but are they salted or not?

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