iPod Nano…

My birthday came one month early this year! And it nearly knocked me out as well! Upon reaching home yesterday, I was surprised to see the house abandoned, empty and dark.. even though around that time usually the husband is already home! Seeing his mobile on the table, I realised that he probably would’ve just gone out for a short while and would be back soon. And I was right. He did come back soon, only to hand me a crummy looking cardboard box; the kind eBay sellers use… “Open it!”

Nothing could have prepared me for this! As I opened up the box, out came a sleek looking plastic case with rounded edges. I turned it around and saw the top, which had a white inlay and the very subtle grey characters “16GB” written on it. I forgot to breathe and yelled “Oh my god!” at the same time.

For the rest of the evening I was completely useless, trying to get together as much music files as I possibly could, and loading them into iTunes and then into the iPod.

Anecdotes aside, let’s focus on the product though.

Styling & Design: looks quite a lot like the old iPod Mini I used to have, only much sleeker and slimmer. The colours are absolutely amazing! Radiant and beautiful and so much choice, if I had bought the thing myself, I wouldn’t have known which colour to buy.

Functionality: It is as easy to use as the rest of the iPods (cannot say anything for the iPod Touch because I haven’t tried it). I really like the fact that the orientation of what’s on the screen changes when you tilt your iPod. I also liked the fact you can make it shuffle by roughly giving it a shake; it needs to be emphasized here; Rough! Jogging, running, walking, swaying will not set it off. You almost have to smack a mosquito out of the air with it in order for the shuffle function to work.

Sound/overall quality: I guess I do not have to say much about it. It’s standard Apple stuff; looks and feels very solid. Sound quality is great, the earphones are one of the very few types that will actually stay in my ears (somehow my ears like to evict other less worthy intruders!) Because I’ve only had it for maybe 15 hours, I wouldn’t be able to comment on battery life yet, or on potential problems with it.

Overall I couldn’t be more happy. I had secretly been eyeing the ads for the new Nano chromatic range for a while now. I’m surely not leaving it out of my sight any time soon!



  1. It’s good one.

  2. odzer Said:

    It seems like a pleasant surprise. I am not a good gift giver. I must confess this today, I can never think of what someone might want but indeed your husband was very thoughtful. I am looking forward to getting an iPhone somewhere in the future but I will wait for the prices to be a bit more reasonable before I do it.

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