iPod Nano 4th Gen Video Freeze Problem

So I have been extensively testing my newest gadget – a purple iPod Nano 16GB.

And I was so tempted to have something pretty to look at on it that I just had to get some videos to load onto it. That is when I noticed what seems to be a fairly common problem with these iPods; some of them hang when you try to play a video. Now I am not entirely sure yet what is causing this problem; because other people seem to be watching videos just fine on their iPods. But what it seems to be is: some people with my exact same problem have used the same freeware software to convert their videos into .mp4 files – Jodix. And although the software worked fine for 3rd Generation iPods, the latest generation has a problem with the video files nonetheless.

So here’s a quick fix for when your iPod refuses to respond to anything:

  1. Switch it on Hold
  2. Switch it off Hold
  3. Press the “Menu” and center button together at the same time for around 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on your iPod’s screen.

This fix resets your settings to the factory default, and doesn’t delete any files or songs on your iPod. Then you can use it as normal.

Because I am inexperienced with the video capabilities of iPods, I was not aware of the fact that apparently iTunes can convert videos into .mp4 as well. So I will try that instead of the Jodix software and post updates as I go along. I am certainly hoping by tomorrow I will be happily viewing videos on my iPod…



  1. odzer Said:

    Well it seems you have been really busy playing with your new toy! Try how it goes with iTunes and I am sure that the third party people will have to release a new version of their software soon. I wonder if Apple Jinxed them on purpose? They are good at scuttling third party development for their products. Although I think I do not care about it so deeply as long as the things that they offer are functional even if they are a bit restrictive. A working Apple computer beats the buggy Win. PC anyday.

  2. hedonist666 Said:

    Oh yes! And I have managed to try converting the file with iTunes. Not only did it take around 10 times as long, also it came out video only, no audio. Apparently iTunes cannot handle certain types of .mpg files (I read something about mixed video/audio tracks causing the problem..).
    But I must admit that the video played beautifully… just the sound missing! šŸ˜›

  3. jwny Said:

    Guys….surprise, surprise…or no surprise. i have the EXACT problem.

    i used to have a 1st Gen iPod video and used Jodix to convert ALL to mp4…worked brilliantly.

    I just bought a 4th Gen iPod Nano….it syncs fine…but like you guys…it has frozen everytime i try to play a video, i googled and found this blog. i have NOT played a video successfully…i am unsyncing the videos as we speak. Dissappointed

    Anyone found a solution?


  4. hedonist666 Said:

    actually to make matters even more weird, the first time I tried to play a video converted with Jodix and the very first time it did work! Only never again after that. Have you experienced this same phenomena?

    And no, I have not found a solution. iTunes doesn’t know how to handle the files I would like to convert. I wish Apple would take some notice and come up with some sort of answer…

  5. Chaosreaper Said:


    Use Videora iPod nano Converter.

    I use 4.01but you can use any version

    I tested with a few freeware softwares, and all pretty much failed. Including SUPER.

    Also, thanks for the quick fix tip. My iPod recently turned off by itself and didnt respond, but this fixed it šŸ˜€

  6. J Said:

    thank you so much, my ipod nano 4th gen 8gb froze randomly, and i used the reset technique now everything is back to normal

  7. hedonist666 Said:

    Yes resetting does tend to work quite well.. mine freezes whenever playing videos, and once while charging.

  8. Prince of Darkness Said:

    Thank you for the information. The way to reset my frozen iPod while playing a video is very useful. This is a extremely good blog.

    I agree that Apple Inc. may have purposely design a program that does not compatible with other available video format made by other digital converter. This is fair enough as we all know Apple is a company that is doing big business promoting QuickTime player (containing the video format converter too if you pay).

    Videora iPod nano Converter recommended by Chaosreaper is superb. My iPod nano (4th generation) works well with all the videos converted by it so far. So why not try it out? Chaosreaper has done a fantastic job experimenting with all sorts of converters and I say that his effort is enormous and generous. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

    Music and video rules šŸ™‚ and we love our iPod.

  9. Beth Said:

    Videora worked! thanks a lot guys!

  10. […] { December 9, 2008 @ 9:36 pm } · { Misc } { Tags: Apple, iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Troubleshooting } It’s been a while since I first wrote a post about my new iPod Nano 4th Generation freezing whenever I would play any video converted with the Jodix conversion software which is supposed to make video files iPod compatible. Well in the case of the 4th Generation Nano, it didn’t. See the original post here. […]

  11. Klaus Said:

    I’ve actually got another problem: I can convert the videos
    I want, and put them on my iPod (4th gen, 16G), but when I
    want to watch them, I notice everytime that I can’t see the
    extreme borders of the film (thus the elements of the film
    that are a bit too much on the left do not appear on my screen)
    Can anybody help me?

  12. Josh Said:

    oh my god i fucking love whoever posted this blog!
    the same problem occured with my 4th gen nano and I thought I would have to go through the annoying process of returning or repairing it.
    Once again, thank you so much šŸ™‚

  13. hedonist666 Said:

    Thanks Josh,
    Did you also see my post explaining how to convert videos properly so they don’t freeze your iPod?


  14. keith brown Said:

    i jus got a new ipod nano and im havin the same problems every time i get a video off lime wire it seems to wanna freeze up on certain songs not every1 but some any 1 have a solution?

  15. hedonist666 Said:

    See my comment above. Probably the videos that make your ipod freeze are not compatible with it so they need to be converted to an ipod friendly format.

  16. Jon Said:

    Happy New Year guys,

    Hedonist66 – did you manage to use videora for your ipod?

    i kind of got used to Jodix…but will try videora tonight

    take care


  17. Jenna Cricket Said:

    Wow – thanks for posting this blog.

    I was looking for something on problems with my ipod playing videos . Guess what ? I also have a brand new 4th generation nano like some of you guys. I used Jodix to convert my mpeg files and my ipod only played videos 1 / 10 times, freezing the other 9. I am going to try the dvd converter cucusoft.

  18. […] iPod Nano 4th Gen Video Freeze Problem – (1,575 views) Explains what to do when your 4th Generation iPod Nano freezes upon playing a video. Apparently this is an extremely common problem with the latest little iPods… […]

  19. Chris Said:

    Thanks for the fix, that really helped for my recording project tonight!


  20. happy ipod user Said:

    thanks man my ipod is saved

  21. KDub Said:

    You Rock! My iPod locked up – Apple’s iPod troubleshooting Web site did absolutely nothing… Your steps saved my iPod. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  22. hedonist666 Said:

    You’re welcome you’re welcome *bows*

    Keep bringing on the love!

  23. Autti Said:

    I Paniced when my brand new Nano froze, but luckily for me i came across this site and im forever grateful

    Im a new Ipod user and the itunes application is kind of hard for me to manupilate the full use of this Nano.

    Please Tell me more about this device and uses. i use it mostly for my music and audio books.

    What else can i do……


  24. Aleks and Katie Said:


  25. Rajiv Said:

    You could use the Real player (latest version and free ware) to convert the videos. It converts to MP4 pretty quick and the videos dont die out after their first play. I think the freezing problem is more of a firmware issue rather than a software one. And the only evident fix might be with Apple.

  26. Darren Said:

    It seems like the videos converted by Jodix can only be played once on the ipod nano 4th gen. Subsequent playback will hang the whole nano. One way to get around this is to connect ur nano to PC and mark the video as unwatched via iTunes. This way, playback will be possible again.

  27. Pika Said:

    mine still wont turn off so i have to drin the bettery but i always freezes when i try and watch a video like it gets on there but wont play at all

  28. This post is beyond awesome. I am always wondering what to do and what not to do so I will follow some of these tips.

  29. naomi Said:

    i have got same problem:( my mum gave me her ipod nan 4th gen it froze up using jodix

  30. i think that download.com provides a comprehensive library of video converters that are spyware free ~::

  31. L Boogie Said:

    **PLEASE HELP!!** I have a 4th gen nano and so far, I have spent so much time trying to get it to work. It currently works fine when I have my nano connected to my laptop. When i disconnect from the laptop is where the problem exist. it won’t turn on! I’ve tried everything! Some suggestions will be soooooo appreciated!!!

  32. flora Said:

    thnx alot…………………………. i saved my ipod !!!!!!

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