Sinful Indian Food – Spinach & Onion Fritters

Now that it’s starting to get gloomy, wet and generally nasty outside, I cannot control my cravings for sinful deep fried food any longer! So, braving the drizzly, cold weather, I went to the supermarket on Saturday to buy some Spinach. Now I know it’s not the first thing people would think of when craving deep fried food, but I’m afraid I’m completely hooked! Spinach fritters are the best!

Palak Pakora (Spinach Fritters)

1.5cup Chickpea flour (Besan)

Salt & Red Chilli to taste


Spinach Leaves – whole, trimmed stems. washed and patted dry

Vegetable oil for deep frying

Sift the chickpea flour into a mixing bowl, adding salt and red chilli powder. Slowly start adding water and beat the mixture with a whisk until it is smooth and has the consistency of thick pancake batter.

Heat the oil in a small pan; whichever one is your favourite for deep frying… If you want to limited the amount of oil wasted, it should be very small and rounded like a wok; at least 2-3 inches deep. Test a little bit of the batter first; if it turns golden brown within 30 seconds, your oil is ready.

Take a single spinach leaf and dip it into the batter. It should cover the leaf all over (consistency is important! If the batter is too runny, it will not cover the leaf properly!). Carefully put it into the hot oil. Use a slotted spoon to turn it over and fry it for around a minute, until it is brown and crispy. Watch out: If the leaves are wet, the oil will splutter, so take care not to get burned!

Let the fritter drip off on some paper towels.

Serve while hot, with chilli ketchup. If you like it tangy; sprinkle with Chaat Masala

To make onion fritters (Pyaz Pakora), simply make the same batter, add sliced onions into the batter and put little clusters of this mixture into the hot oil. Care should be taken to use relatively less batter than onion, or it will be too heavy to enjoy! 😉

As this was a joint effort between my husband and I (he is a self proclaimed palak pakora expert), he did most of the frying and I embezzled most of the finished product… This snack is best enjoyed at daytime, so there is plenty of time for your stomach to get settled before you go to bed!


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