Quirky Quirkier Quirkiest

At Odzer’s request, I am posting my addition to the series “Six Quirky Things”… Since I am quite a quirky person (or at least I think so myself) it was a bit hard for me to select just six things for this post 😉

Some things people might already know, some might be new… but here goes nothing:

Quirk 1.

When my husband and I started dating we mostly communicated through SMS message; at the time I had a deal from my cellphone provider giving me 2000 free messages per month. WHICH I USED TO EXCEED EVERY MONTH!

I got so good at typing the messages, I could do it without looking at the phone – with either hand. So, not wanting to miss out on even a moment of messaging, I would be driving around Chandigarh, operating my gearless scooter with the right hand, zig zagging through traffic, while SMS’ing with the left….

Quirk 2.

I love the smell of dampness; Rainsoaked leaves, foggy mornings etc. You must be thinking “that’s not so quirky!”; but it goes further; I absolutely love the smell of old A/Cs just being switched on when the damp smelling air comes out, even better; the first gusts of air coming from a newly switched on Desert cooler…. Delicious!

Quirk 3.

While on a motorcycle ride through Ladakh, my beloved green iPod mini was in my jacket pocket, only to fall out on top of Changla Pass (approx. 5400m altitude) on the way back from Pangong Tso lake. As the ride was so gruelling and the weather was turning bad; plus it was already evening by the time I noticed, there was no opportunity to turn back and try to retrieve it. It remains lost, in one of the most exotic places I’ve ever been.

Quirk 4.

While staying in Chandigarh, I practically used to live with Odzer. Spending most my afternoons and evenings at his place, working on web design projects. Eventually we would get bored, share a bottle of cheap wine while watching and commenting on TV programmes, decide we were too drunk to cook, and head off to KFC… After ordering our food, we would pick a seat conveniently near either a family or young couple and engage in highly obscene conversation, only to be encouraged by distraught or shocked looks we received from those around us. (That was pretty much our aim anyway)

Quirk 5.

Babies scare the hell out of me. My worst nightmare is being at a party and having somebody’s small infant being dumped into my arms. Those around me find it hugely entertaining; if you watch mine and the baby’s face closely, you will see both expressions changing almost in sync until the baby is screaming and I’m nearly in tears myself. (By that time people around me will be in tears as well; laughing!)

Oh and yes. That actually happened.

Quirk 6.

Although I am white myself, pale skin is a huge turn off to me. Therefore I am proud to say, I have never done a white guy! (Now, after sharing this, will people please stop asking me why I went to India for almost 5 years? Isn’t it obvious!!!)



  1. odzer Said:

    @ Hedonist : Quirky! I think I share the quirk about babies. I freak out due to their smell. The mixture of drool and other bodily fluids. Oh how I miss freaking out people in that place, just so you know there is a new KFC in sector 35 now. I have not yet tried that out and there are already 3 Subways!

  2. kanagu Said:

    First one is absolutely quirky. That’s dangerous too. I guess 😀

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