Germany’s best export – Potato Salad

I have heard that this recipe (which I cannot even begin to claim as my own) makes people happy. Well maybe not the recipe, but if I give myself a kick in the butt and cook a load of it to share with friends.

Wonderful how versatile potatoes are. And with some nice dressing, they can be satisfying just on their own.

Traditional German Potato Salad (mayo free version)

1 kg Potatoes – however you prefer them, with or without skin

1 Onion / equal quantity spring onion – finely chopped


1 cube chicken stock – prepared according to instructions in 1/2L Water

Splash of vinegar – Any type you prefer, white, malt, wine, applecider, etc

1/2 tsp Wholegrain mustard

1-2 tsp Cream

Salt, black pepper

Chives or Parsley to garnish

First you have to boil the potatoes; not too soft or your salad will turn into mash. If you can, make sure you get a type of potato that remains firm after cooking. Cut potatoes into slices around 1 cm thick, right after boiling (This is very important: you should not let them cool down, if you want your dressing to turn out right!)

As soon as the potatoes are cut, put them into a bowl and pour some freshly prepared (Hot!) Chicken stock over them. First pour around half of what you have, carefully stir it and then wait for the stock to get absorbed by the potatoes. You do not want the salad to be too wet and sloppy. Only add more stock if after 15 minutes your potatoes are quite dry.  Make sure to separate the potato slices properly, or they will just stick together in the salad. Now add the onion.

In a separate bowl or glass, pour in some vinegar; a few tablespoons of it. Mix it with the mustard and cream to make a dressing. Season with Salt & Black Pepper. Pour this dressing over the salad and mix it carefully.

Garnish with Parsley or Chives, whatever you’ve got. Serve lukewarm (as is) or cold straight from the fridge.

This salad can be “dressed up” by adding some fried bacon cubes over the top. It is served with barbecued meat, sausages, roast chicken or generally as a party side dish.



  1. odzer Said:

    @ Hedonist : Thank you Thank you Thank you! I really was craving this salad though I have still not had a chance to do it. I think post diwali I am going to take a dig at making this and I will share the results with you and the others through my blog. I definitely do know though that this recipe tastes great but I wonder if I would be able to replicate it in its fullness. I guess there is always the question of the person who does a dish. Sometimes it is just that way!

  2. […] left I have really missed her starchy treat. So I begged, coaxed, poked and twisted her arm in to writing down the recipe for her salad on her blog. Okay I am kidding she did that gladly and thankfully I can now again […]

  3. Rolling Said:

    found it.. wht shd supplement the chicken stock for veggies, pl?

  4. Rolling Said:

    o and thx 🙂

  5. hedonist666 Said:

    Well vegetable stock should do 🙂

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