Analysis of a Selfish Shop-a-holic

I am aware of how shopping is an important bonding activity for women. Supposedly. However, this concept has been lost on me for as long as I can remember. Perhaps going shopping with my mother as a teenager ruined my perception of shopping together. I remember going through the racks of clothes, with my mother standing somewhere behind me, arms crossed, looking completely bored. Every shopping trip would end in disaster; whatever I liked, she hated and vice versa. So I ended up frustrated, and she wouldn’t pay for any of the clothes I picked. I insisted I should get a clothing allowance and shop by myself. Of course the simple fact that she hated everything I liked, delayed any chance for a positive decision for a few years. In the end I got a job after school, and she had to give in anyway.

Now don’t misinterpret the above paragraph: I love shopping! Any number of fights could not ruin the shopping experience for me! It’s just that I got used to shopping alone. When I was in high school, I would go to the shops and roam around, treating myself to a large banana milk shake after I was done. Or a softy. And sit on a bench on the main square, blissfully happy, having spent hours looking at clothes and whatnot. The only thing that could possibly ruin it for me was running into someone I vaguely knew, who would want to make conversation. I would try my very best to prevent such a thing from happening so if I saw someone from afar, I would wander off trying to be casual, in order not to be seen. And this would happen a lot because the city I stayed in was tiny!

Either way. My anti-social shopping behaviour is still strong today. My husband hates shopping, so he wouldn’t want to come anyway. And to be honest, I find it easier just going by myself. Grocery shopping being the exception, because I don’t want to carry it all by myself either! 😉 But I can still spend hours, walking around shops, looking at stuff I’ll never buy, all alone. And I escape into another world.

There have only been few instances where I enjoyed other people’s company while shopping. And even then, at times I tend to ruin it by being a bit too direct expressing my opinion. I’m sure Odzer knows what I’m talking about! Overall, I’ve found that shopping with girls is quite hard. Everyone has a very clear idea of what they want to shop for. And those ideas usually clash. For me it’s easier to shop with men. If you decide to shop for things that both can enjoy, the experience is much more relaxed, and there are less expectations from each other.

To me it’s often unnatural, being social and enjoying it. The only people I can truly be myself with, are quite weird in some way or the other themselves. The so called “normal crowd” I cannot get used to. I simply don’t understand the social expectations and behaviour patterns you’re supposed to follow.


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