Getting nerdy… Black & White 2 (PC)

Back in the office after a weekend of absolute video game madness. Having just installed Black & White 2 on my laptop at home, to have something to do while my husband wrestles his way through the African wilderness of Far Cry 2 (on Xbox 360), I now remember why the first version of Black & White nearly got me completely isolated from humanity for a few weeks. I was in school, and from the moment I started up the game and learned how to use it, I was totally hooked. I never did make it to the final island so the game remained unfinished…


However, now the virus has spread. I started the game on my laptop, which sparked my husband’s curiosity as well.. and the end result was, Far Cry 2 was ignored completely, and the both of us were making our way through the story of Black and White 2. All day, all weekend. We didn’t go out, we didn’t watch TV. We barely ate… And after realizing it was already midnight, last night we still couldn’t help but discuss further strategy until maybe 1 am… Now office seems like a dreary grey shell, a pathetic excuse of reality.. I can’t wait to get back home and immerse myself into a world where I am GOD!

But, in all fairness: The game is boring. You cannot stop playing it but it gets frustrating. Your followers are needy, whiny bastards who don’t do much work unless you explicitly tell them to. And I realize I’m lucky a game this recent even works on my laptop.. But it does get annoying when it slows down to a crawl. Everything has to be done by mouse, and I remember very well how the first game required a lot of mouse gestures and movements to get things done, well as it’s running on my laptop, I can pretty much forget about that. But at least it runs.



  1. I have never played black and white 2, but I do love Far Cry 2. you and your husband should check out Dead Space, it is an AMAZING zombie game…

  2. hedonist666 Said:

    Hi, thanks for commenting. Well we will check it out, it sounds interesting!

  3. odzer Said:

    @ hedonist : I have never managed to get this game to run successfully on my computer. I am going to have to try again but I need a decent processor first for my Windows Box. Having an old AMD Sempron hardly helps!

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