Search Engine Woes

Has anyone else noticed how when you really need some information, and you turn to a search engine (in my case mainly Google) for help, you type whatever you figure are relevant keywords, and then when you press enter, expecting to find a wealth of answers…. and you find NOTHING. All the results on the front page are crap. It seems like half your keywords have been ignored!

That’s the situation I’m finding myself in these days. Desperate to build a database for our office admin tasks, making life a little easier for me at work. And whenever I cannot figure something out, Google gives me nothing, no cooperation whatsoever!

Try searching for any problem you may face, trying to use advanced functions of Access 2007. You type it in, all you get is basic tutorials. Gone are the good old days where you could type in a phrase that expresses exactly what you need, and the first results were forum posts etc. about exactly the same problem. And below some solutions to it. But no! It’s all just Microsoft tutorials and shit now.

God I’m frustrated! Why can’t a search engine just find me the information I want? It seems they have over-tweaked their algorithm so much over the years, it filters out anything of use….

Please, somebody save me, someone suggest a search engine that DOES work. Is anybody else having these issues???


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  1. odzer Said:

    @ Hedonist : See that is what usually happens when you have a company that gets a monopoly in the market. Now we all have to contend with Google for search just as we have contended all these years with Microsoft for an Operating System. Bad huh.

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