iPod Nano 4th Gen Video Freeze Solution!

It’s been a while since I first wrote a post about my new iPod Nano 4th Generation freezing whenever I would play any video converted with the Jodix conversion software which is supposed to make video files iPod compatible. Well in the case of the 4th Generation Nano, it didn’t. See the original post here.

So after you’re past the basic struggle; getting your iPod to respond to you again (my previous post explains the procedure to reset your iPod in detail), you need a solution to convert videos to actually work on your Nano.

Having been lazy and preoccupied with other things lately, I haven’t gotten around to checking up on a tip posted in a comment on my other post until today – Videora iPod Converter. Well I’ve got news for you! It works! 

Although I must admit, going through all the steps to convert a video the “simple way” was slightly tedious; it takes you step by step to complete the necessary tasks rather than just having it all in a simple form. If you want the simple form it may pay off to try the “Power Mode” which initially would actually scare lovers of simplicity away because the description seems confusing. Yes there are many options, but you can just opt to leave things as they are and in a few easy clicks you’re on your way to converting!



  1. tomorrin Said:

    I’ve been using Videora for a while, I think it’s really good and straight forward to use! You can use it to rip DVDs and youTube vids too!

  2. sarah Said:

    thanks soo muchh. i converted a video from jodix last night and it was playing fine until today. i had to restart it at least 6 times and i kept trying but the video always freezes

  3. hedonist666 Said:

    @sarah; yes it’s funny how it does that. I converted a video with jodix the very first day I got my iPod, it played just fine once and as soon as I tried playing it again it gave me trouble. But I can confirm Videora works for me! I’ve been watching full length movies on my iPod now…

  4. Tom Said:

    Same exact situation as Sarah..worked the first time I played it and then it displayed a black screen and froze…thanks for posting this! helped me out loads.

  5. hedonist666 Said:

    Hi Tom, glad to know more people are benefiting from this post!

  6. […] iPod Nano 4th Gen Video Freeze Solution! – (278 views) Strangely enough, more people are interested in looking at the problem, than the solution. People! When you find that blog post describing how to reset the iPod when it freezes, take the time to scroll down a bit and follow the link to this post which explains exactly how to convert your videos to suit your iPod, preventing the freezing problem altogether! It’s tried and tested! huff… people just don’t pay attention… […]

  7. Covale Said:

    Thanks for putting in the effort, everyone! Although it hasn’t been directly said, I have no doubt that at least some of you are trying to convert Divx/Xvid videos, and I can verify that Videora does in fact work to convert these movies to play on the 4th Gen iPod Nano. I also have a 2nd Gen Touch, which appears less picky. I didn’t have a problem watching videos converted with Jodix on the Touch, however the Videora converted movies appeared slightly better in quality.

    Thanks again for the thread!

  8. hedonist666 Said:

    Personally I’ve tried mpg files as well as divx. Thankfully both work, so that should take care of what most people are trying to do anyway… And indeed from what I’ve heard, the 4th generation nano is the pickiest of the lot…

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