Terrorist infiltrates Press Conference – Kills Bush – Iraqi PM involved

Before you wonder and post angry comments that my title is not an accurate description of what happened, I admit. I exaggerated. *Sigh* – Maybe it was just wishful thinking….

Now my title may start off harsh, calling a guy who throws footwear around a terrorist. But, as most of you know, if you oppose the ruling majority, and you become a little violent, you are a terrorist. So this Iraqi journalist, who apparently had a dislike for Bush, obviously is a dirty filthy terrorist. (Although I applaud him for it).

I think the timing of this event is quite understandable; it couldn’t have happened before the elections. After Obama’s win, everyone is now more eager than ever to get rid of – and I loosely quote – this “Retarded Cowboy”. The whole world is thinking the same thing: “Go home already! We wanna see more of that brown guy!”

Actually when I saw this footage on the news last night, I was pleasantly surprised. But after thinking about it a little more, it left me with a feeling of disappointment. Was it the fact that the shoe missed? And actually not even because it was a bad throw, the throw was brilliant as you can see. But Bush is damn quick! He must be used to this sort of thing.. maybe he gets pelted with eggs and rotten tomatoes regularly, but the US government keeps such reports under wraps… (Sometimes I wonder which is more free, the Chinese or the American Media…) Anyway, I must say I was impressed by the fact that he managed to speak some coherent sentences about the incident. He must have a speech writer plugged into his ear, giving him live updates on what to say.

One thing does make me very suspicious though. If you look at the video, and pay attention to the Iraqi PM, you see that he doesn’t so much as flinch. As if he expected it, as if he knew what was coming and had to show his people that he’s got the balls to just stand there. Or maybe he knew the Terrorist is a very good shot and was positive he would be fine… (Or, a much more vulgar explanation could be, he was high on Pot while standing there and really didn’t care what was flying at whom.. Who knows!).

No, maybe what makes me a bit sad about all of this is that the poor terrorist is probably being tortured by now. There must be nasty crew-cut Americans standing around him with pliers, threatening to rip is fingernails off if he doesn’t answer their questions –

“Tell us who you work for!”

“I swear I’m just a reporter! I was just angry at Bush!”

“No, you liar! I’ll teach you! Admit you’re linked to Al-Quaeda!”

Well you get the picture…



  1. Hades Said:

    That reporter is one brave SOB.

    Of course, as I type this he’s most probably having red chilies stuffed up his bum.


  2. hedonist666 Said:

    Or in his eyes! Ouch!

  3. astralwicks Said:

    The (Am)Bush failed. life as the journalist knew it – is over. come to think of it – he is Iraqi, can it get any worse for the poor chap?

  4. hedonist666 Said:

    I wonder if he thinks it was worth it.. he should’ve at least hit him though…

  5. odzer Said:

    President Bush has excellent reflexes for someone his age. I must admire him for those. I am not sure if I could have ducked in time to avoid the offending shoe. However having said that I guess he is now under no illusions about the scale of his popularity. I should say this is a fine parting gift from the people of Iraq.

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