Merry Shopping Frenzy

So it’s almost Christmas. And as I’m sitting, waiting for my last two days at the office to finish, the mood is all around; nobody really feels like doing anything. People are just waiting to run off and enjoy their holidays. In certain cases they already have even; my office is working at less than 50% capacity. And perhaps the word “working” in that sentence should have been put in quotes.

As I see it, Christmas, especially in the UK, is a highly romanticised yet commercial affair, that gives people an excuse to go out and hike up their credit card debts. But the effect of the global economic (F*cking) crisis is evident all around us. People are not spending like they normally would this time of year, and are even trying to be a bit more rational when it comes to their shop-a-holism. People are out looking for bargains on major purchases they need/want to make anyway; be it TVs, electronic gadgets, mobile phones or house hold appliances. The consumer is aware that Christmas during a recession will tempt the retailers to put prices down further, in order to make the most of what will be the only profitable period for some months to come. Or so you would think!

As one of the biggest retailers has already gone into administration and is desperate to sell off all their stock until early January (Woolworth), are there really bargains to be had?

I for one am not sure! During the week of the 8th – 14th of December, the Woolworth bargain-hunt mood was in full swing. There were queues outside the shop, people waiting for maybe an hour or more to get in. Queueing to get into WOOLWORTH?! I wish I was joking. During the days before and after this insanity, I went to check it out myself. And I found that nothing that was of any use to me, was actually that cheap. No bargains for me at all!

Looking for videogames, I spent ages in that shop, trying really hard, to find something or the other that would attract my attention. But none of the titles I found there were reasonably priced, even after the measly 10% discount they gave. Woolworth’s biggest sale ever (as it’s proudly advertised throughout their shops), is ridiculous to say the least. They must expect consumers to be total idiots – drawn in by the “(up to) 50% off” signs. Well I guess they must be, if they queued for that! I personally didn’t see anything useful that was at 50% off. Greeting cards – well alright maybe that is useful if you would like to stock up to cover your needs for the next calendar year…

But people did indeed come. And they shopped. And the shelves are getting emptier – (mind you I haven’t seen them properly stocked even in the best of times)… So much so that I heard the latest news is Woolworth is selling the display shelves as well.

So if anybody out there wants to take the plunge and open a shop in these tumultuous times, get your display shelves at Woolworth.. where I imagine they may still be more expensive than elsewhere!



  1. odzer Said:

    @ Hedonist : He he he he. Purchase shelves. I guess though one should not buy things like video games at such places.

  2. hedonist666 Said:

    Yes.. and what’s worse, today I went in again. the shop 60% empty, and still I couldn’t find anything worthwhile. Now most things are at 30% off.. while the signs in the window say “Hurry, last 6 days!” – Well if they want me to hurry they should at least give 50% on everything… Maybe I’ll try again on the last day of their existence…

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