I haven’t been a good girl, but I’ve had no complaints!

Here I am, on Christmas eve, almost dinner time and I’m sitting in front of the laptop, desperate to waste some time, waiting for that darn rabbit to get tender.. Apparently if it doesn’t get tender in the oven (even if you’ve kept it at low temperature, for hours, covered so it doesn’t lose moisture, after marinating for 24 bloody hours) … I’ve read you should instead put it in a pot with the sauce, and simmer it. So after slow cooking in the oven, I’m now simmering… It smells pretty nice, but I don’t have the patience. And having already finished the potato gratin side, as well as dessert, my fingers are itching to do something useful. I should keep away from the kitchen to avoid opening the pot with the rabbit every 5 minutes and poking it to see if it’s tender yet. 

Well anyway.. enough ranting. As (according to German tradition which was forcefed to me as a child) today is Christmas, and not tomorrow, I wish you all a very merry Christmas. Eat, drink, enjoy and be nice to oneanother. Or try to at least 😉

Oh and my wishlist, in case people are feeling generous……

1. Lots of chocolate

2. Lots of cake

3. Lots of biscuits

4. Breakfast in bed tomorrow and a hot cup of tea right now without having to make it myself!


My odd christmas tree



  1. aufzuleiden Said:

    Good luck with your rabbit – the problem with rabbit, if this one doesn’t work out, is that it is a very lean protein without very much fat. In the cooking process it is necessary to cook slowly for two reasons: break down the proteins (tenderize) and to infuse the meat with the flavouring that you want (as well as fat, needed to help with the tenderizing).

    One of the most effective ways is through braising (sort of like simmering), which is akin to what you would see in the “Bugs Bunny” cartoon, when Bugs is thrown into the pot by Yosemite Sam who is trying to make Rabbit Fricassee (or something like that – it was 30+ years ago).

    Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Merry Mishuganah!


  2. hedonist666 Said:

    Yes indeed I realized that problem. Although the meat on this occasion didn’t fall of the bone as many recipes described, it was still tasty and not that tough. At least it didn’t bother us. But in the future I will probably give it more cooking time on low heat…

    Thanks for commenting. Merry Christmas to you as well!

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