Snowy mess!

So Britain got snowed in. Two days ago to be precise. And life came to a grinding halt, 6 million people didn’t go to work, and the economy lost 1.2 billion because of it. Now there are many opinions regarding why specifically London could not cope with the snow at all…. Everybody’s favourite excuse is “Well it’s been the most snow in 18 years! We’re not equipped to handle extreme amounts of snow like this!”…


But in my opinion someone else’s publicly expressed opinion is more accurate; the people in charge at the local councils, although knowing it would snow A LOT, days in advance, simply didn’t want to pay the overtime for people to go out on a Sunday night and throw salt everywhere. So they didn’t. And so when it snowed, it all stayed on the roads. Monday morning it was absolute chaos, bus depots were snowed in (with just 4″ of snow initially! What a joke!), trains and tubes hand significant delays and cancellations, and the airports were mostly closed. Heathrow cancelled 800 flights that day…

Now I know it has been said over and over already, but a large part of Europe does fine with this type of snow. The defence is always the same “Yes but they are used to it! They have equipment to deal with it!”

Surely this isn’t the first time Britain has seen a bit of snow, or subzero temperatures. However it was the first time the London’s bus network was on its ass. Having powered through the extreme cold of the winter of ’63, as well as World War II when the city was burning, this  country has been reduced to a bunch of pencil pushing, cost cutting incompetent idiots who didn’t want to pay workers overtime. Instead, during a global recession, they’d prefer if people stayed at home and built snowmen with their kids – 1.2 billion well spent isn’t it!

And it’s not enough that for one day the roads were practically slippery death traps. One would think that once the overtime factor is no longer there, at least then the councils will send people out to clean the roads and public pavements. Two days later, the main roads are squeaky clean due to the busses finally running and causing the snow to melt, some pavements around bus stops as well, but NONE of the side roads have even been looked at. The garbage put outside for collection on Monday is still there. The once fluffy snow on the pavements has been trampled on, now it’s properly packed together. With the temperatures dropping below zero at night, any melted snow and slush is transformed into ice by the morning. I cannot contain my dissatisfaction with the people in charge, who dare to take at least over a thousand pounds per year, per household, in council tax! Who could not be bothered to make sure that the pavements are safe to walk on, and the side roads fit for driving on. In fact only this morning did I see a car around the corner from my house, not able to drive off, just spinning its wheels because the road surface was covered in ice and compressed snow!

I wish the council was privatised, and a disgruntled “customer” could call up and threaten not to pay them a dime, until they get their act together! And bloody hell while you’re at it, fix the potholes in the roads, and in the pavements! And where’s my fucking recycling bin, you idiots have given my landlord one, but not to me, even though I pay council tax separately!


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