Zen Cart & Google Analytics

If you’re running an E-commerce website, and you are building it yourself, chances are you would be using one of the more popular open source shopping cart scripts; one of which is Zen Cart. Based on the osCommerce framework, it offers a LOT of functionality, as well as a vast selection of third party add ons to suit the needs of most small businesses.

Although to most Zen Cart powerusers, this topic is probably hardly a big deal, however, for all you newbies out there I would like to talk about an add on for Zen Cart that is very valuable indeed. The Google Analytics addon. We all know it is absolutely vital to know what is happening with our online businesses. We need to keep track of how profitable it is, and whether our (if any) advertising efforts are paying off. By signing up to Google Analytics, and linking your Google Adwords account with your Analytics account, you can trace what your paid traffic is doing. But in order to make the most of Analytics, you should implement Ecommerce tracking. Doing this is a pain, especially if you do not have much programming experience. Even more so if you’re using a shopping cart like Zen Cart.

But this Google Analytics add on, which is fairly straightforward to install, will do exactly what you want. Having just installed it on my two websites; www.alteregouk.com and www.aelingerie.com ; I managed to test it and must say it works brilliantly. It tracks transactions completed through your website; depending on what payment modules you are using, it will be fairly accurate. Obviously if you accept COD or any other form of offline payments, it will be impossible for Analytics to find out whether or not the transaction was actually completed – therefore I would suggest using this data only if your transactions are just online (such as through PayPal, Nochex or some other credit card processor).



  1. That sounds really cool. It is very important to track the performance of your online business so that you will be able to make a back if in case things are not falling into places.

    Is the add on for ZenCart only?

  2. hedonist666 Said:

    Well this one is yes. But I imagine there may be something like that available for osCommerce as well… However, I wouldn’t know for sure because I’m only using ZenCart at the moment.

  3. Given your positive reaction to that particular Google Analytics addon for Zen Cart, I’m going to give it a try. It just seemed to me though that there would be a quicker way to modify one template file or something in order to add the code.

  4. hedonist666 Said:

    Hi there, thanks for commenting. Well maybe I’m just being lazy, but implementing ecommerce tracking just by inserting code into the template seemed really daunting, so this was a great out of the box kind of solution.

  5. Koppers Said:

    Why does this add on-require a new Mysql table on your server?

  6. iMacker Said:

    The simplest way without even using a mod is this method found here http://surreystore.com/Forums/joomla-help/zencart-google-analytic-integration/

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