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Blog Comment Spam – Latest Development?

Ever since I’ve had a blog, I’ve been getting comment spam. Not so much on this particular blog, as it’s not hosted on its own domain, but particularly my new site, is getting a fair share of it. Apart from the standard comments just consisting of a whole lot of random characters, lately some different ones have been coming along. Now I’m not sure if this is something new, or if other bloggers have already been facing this other type of spam…

Comments usually consist of some reference, attempting to pretend-socialise with the blogger “hey man, …) and then go on to ask some weird and totally unrelated question. Quite ridiculous ones as well such as “what’s the best way to combat a hangover?” Not sure why these spammers think that this type of spam comment will go unnoticed…

All I can say is, assuming it’s an automated script, wouldn’t it make more sense to have topic related questions posted to a blog of the same topic?

Well whatever they’re trying to do, I’m just glad Askimet is doing such a great job at filtering out these bullshit comments….


My new project – Anything to do with Motorcycles

Although it pains my heart to divert people away from this blog 😉 I’d like to point everyone towards a new site I’m working on.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been riding our Honda CB500 (1996 model). And although I didn’t like it that much before, since I’m more of a retro type of person, I’m totally loving it now!

Now I’ve got this idea in my head that while I’m riding it, I don’t want it to look as old as it is. So I’m taking it upon myself to lovingly improve upon what is there, and transform the bike from bland blue and rusty to totally awesome. In order to document this process, and also talk about various aspects of bike travel, custom paint and anything else relating to motorcycles, I’ve started . I aim to update that site regularly to reflect my most up-to-date progress on the bike project. So if you’re a biker or just love to see other people get their hands dirty, head over to Hedonist’s RideHard Blog!

A bit cynical – Internet “millionaires” do they really exist?

1127283_golden_money_51I’m sure everyone who has spent a little bit of time searching on how to make money online, has come across some of the greats of internet money making (and possibly a whole lot of rubbish along the way as well!)

Personally, I’m subscribed to Michael Cheney’s newsletter (god knows why), also I’m on Yaro Starak’s list (because he gave out a free ebook for new subscribers) and some other guy as well, Perry Marshall.. I hardly read any of those newsletters. Mainly because they try to sell me seminars and courses worth hundreds of dollars or pounds at any given point. And also because I have this sneaking suspicion that in order to make a lot of money online (especially if you’re trying to earn by blogging!) you need to live and breathe the internet. Content based online-money-making is especially hard. If you cannot churn out new articles every day that capture your audience’s attention, you’re doomed from the start. Unless you have lots of money to hire some content writers to do the hard work for you. And then you have to be social apparently. Build up a huge following on facebook, twitter, myspace and god knows where else. Be nice to people, talk to them, answer their questions, and subtly try to point them towards your site, hoping they will either click on some ads or buy an affiliate product through you.

Not only does this whole thing sound extremely tedious, but unless you’re targeting a market which is profitable and still not overcrowded, or you spend a hell-of-a-lot of money on advertising, chances are you will not attract enough visitors to get Google to send you your first Adsense cheque even.

So why are people still claiming they’re making thousands per day on the internet? Well it’s quite simple to me actually. What do these people usually sell? The one’s that seem to be rich and successful. They’re the ones with the “how to make money online” blogs themselves! They sell their courses and information packs and ebooks. And us desperate saps buy them and that is how they are successful.

The get-rich-online myth is still very much active, many people with limited or no technical knowledge or insight into ecommerce want to start up their own website and earn with minimum effort, in what seems to be a modern-age Wild West. The Internet.

Now the above all might sound very cynical. Hey that’s how I see it though. I’ve been making money either directly or indirectly through the internet for years now. So I know it’s possible to earn with a website. For us mere mortals it might even be possible to eventually survive with just online earnings. But it is NOT possible in my opinion, to make thousands per day or even per week, using content (as the internet gurus tell us “by following your interests and passions) and some affiliate / adsense links! That is just simply bullshit. I’d like to crush this myth once and for all! If you like model railways or remote controlled cars. Writing about your passion and marketing some related products will not pay that mortgage on the Chateau in France you’ve always wanted, while you’re out zipping around in your Ferrari. Hell no! It might give you some pocket money to enjoy perhaps. But here’s the real secret to online millionaires: The only way you can make a LOT of money online, is by marketing the idea that people can make a lot of money online. That’s right! The Internet Marketing greats of today are cashing in. And simply because us morons would like to believe in that ultimate dream of living a 5 star lifestyle just running a few websites about your hobby.

In essence it’s all just a big MLM type scheme. As long as you keep selling the illusion on, you will make money.. but the poor guy at the bottom of the chain won’t have anyone to sell it to anymore once the market is completely saturated.

Bloody Google Chrome! &%*$%£!

So after waiting for two weeks, I get my relatively new Toshiba laptop back from repair (hard drive had bad sectors). They replaced the hard drive, which means it’s a completely blank install of windows, as if fresh from the factory.

I couldn’t wait to get everything back the way I like it, out with Internet Explorer, in with Google Chrome! But it’s not that easy apparently…. upon going to the Chrome website, running the installer as instructed on the page, this happens:


What the hell???

I did a brief search online and found a link for the “stand-alone-installer”. Same bloody thing happens! Google, what’s going on????? Why can’t I have my browser? The last time I installed it was all smoother than a baby’s ass…
*Sigh* How I hate change. All I wanted was for things to get back to normal…

PS. in case anybody suggests that I should click the “Help me fix this” link; it has no useful information on it.

Buying a Motorcycle off Ebay…

If you’re an Ebay addict like me, it suddenly becomes very easy to buy more and more things from there than you would’ve originally planned. But the most important and exciting thing to buy off Ebay is a vehicle (Ok you could buy property or something outrageous like that, but that’s just pushing it!)

In order to introduce the launch of my latest website; – I’d like to highlight the latest post I’ve written detailing how I bought my motorcycle on Ebay.

Some background info on RideHard ; Since I’m quite interested in all things motorcycles, I started a blog about ’em! I will be describing my first ever attempt of repainting my bike (a 1996 Honda CB500), as well as write about other things that might interest fellow Bikers, such as Motorcycle Travel, Gear and related topics…