Bloody Google Chrome! &%*$%£!

So after waiting for two weeks, I get my relatively new Toshiba laptop back from repair (hard drive had bad sectors). They replaced the hard drive, which means it’s a completely blank install of windows, as if fresh from the factory.

I couldn’t wait to get everything back the way I like it, out with Internet Explorer, in with Google Chrome! But it’s not that easy apparently…. upon going to the Chrome website, running the installer as instructed on the page, this happens:


What the hell???

I did a brief search online and found a link for the “stand-alone-installer”. Same bloody thing happens! Google, what’s going on????? Why can’t I have my browser? The last time I installed it was all smoother than a baby’s ass…
*Sigh* How I hate change. All I wanted was for things to get back to normal…

PS. in case anybody suggests that I should click the “Help me fix this” link; it has no useful information on it.


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  1. odzer Said:

    @ Hedonist : Well I never liked that browser from the first day and guess what still no mac version! By the way congratulations on getting your notebook back.

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