About Me

Call me “H”… I’m 22, Female, married, currently residing in UK (London).
Too generic? Alright, though I’m living in UK now, I am not British. I’m just making use of the fact that it’s very easy for EU citizens to move around with their family irregardless what their nationality is.

I have spent quite some time living in India, right after high school. That is where I met my husband and got married. Afterwards we decided to move to UK for a while and see where else life will take us afterwards.

At the moment I’m just discovering what life is like in London, with housing prices being obnoxiously high. Our flat is the size of a postage stamp; with a bed in it, there is only very little space to walk around. So home life is largely lived in the bed (interpret that however you may).

This blog is meant to illustrate current and previous situations and experiences which are hopefully interesting or amusing enough for people to read (?!). Err.. nevermind actually I’m not that caring; So whatever anyone may think, I’ll write whatever I please anyway.



  1. dinesh1201 Said:

    Being a married women how you manage all the things like office, blogging and all. Hats off to you. Keep it up.
    Best regards

  2. hedonist666 Said:

    Well that’s easy, I don’t. I regularly forget to cook dinner 😉

  3. Manish Said:


    I am Manish from India. I am not here to leave a comment, but wanted to be in touch with you regards to a comment you left here at this site regarding your India Posts experience. Would be interested to know more about your experience of shipping to US, UK and EU using their service as I am in the process of setting up a similar business intended to sell Shave products and few men’s cosmetics on ebay.



  4. Roy Said:


    Like Manish I also want to be in touch with you about your Indian Post experience. It’s about exporting/ sending goods from India to EU.

    Best regards,


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